Waiting For Results

It seems foka were really busy recently. I met him on #debian-soc yesterday and he told me I’ve got another ‘sponsor’–Lazyfai. I was very excited since foka mentioned him once that he has already do some work on building a N32 ABI MIPS port for Debian. No time for enjoying this great news with me, foka just disappeared, leaving me alone grinning like a Cheshire cat…

However, right now is a perfect time for me to warm up. Although the proposal result or even the shortlist doesn’t come out yet, it’ll be a waste of time to just wait for these things doing nothing. And furthermore, I’ve already made up my mind that whatever I got passed or not I’ll devote myself to this project in the summer. It’s my first show in FOSS world and I have the chance to learn things and being mentored by people like foka and r0bertz. HOW CAN somebody just give it up!?

So I think I’ll do these things down below as much as possible before I got further instructions from mentors:

1.Read <See MIPS Run> (already borrowed one today)

2.Follow the guide to build a lfs and clfs system(lfs is 50% done today)

3.Do research on r0bertiz’s pioneering work[1]

I think these 3 things are enough for me to get no sleep these days. However, there are so many thing to to like:

1. Talk on debian-mips. Ask their opinion on this project, especially on building a new branch from MIPS port. ( already sent email, no reply yet)

2.Get to know about loongson 2F ISA and features. Gathering info from official data sheets and maybe more importantly¬† from the changelog of gcc-4.4, binutils2.19 and glibc2.9. Information about PLT(procedure linkage table), PIC(position independent code) and “h asm constraint”(??) will be highlighted.

3.Preparing for benchmarks and N32 ABI apps. Since the results from [2] show that a least one of the huge improvement from “march=mips1” to “march=mips3” is from audio CODEC test(Loongson = 230~240 seconds, mips1 = 500 seconds).Also, in their test, N32 ABI test result is missing duo to incompatibles. So provide enough N32 application is also a job.

4.Get to know buildd system if I have to host a mirror of Debian and this job come along with many more things to care about, things I can’t describe or predict right now(But I am SURE that there are so many such things!) such as how to host a mirror, how to access a remote host etc.

Well, for now, just these things above are within my short-sighted eyes and I’m not really sure what I saw is what it is. And time goes by, more and more new and stronger monsters will show their bloody teeth. So this job is really a challenge for me, a challenge lasting for 4 month to deal with and a challenge I believe will benefit me a lot if i succeed. *Very* luckily, I got r0bertz, foka and Lazyfai behind me!





One Response to “Waiting For Results”

  1. yajin Says:

    Hi your project has been approved, according to the loongson-dev mail list. You may have know it. Congratulation.

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