Distribution Syndrome

I’m not sure if I have this “Distribution Syndrome” these days.
But I installed gentoo, ubuntu in my lap-top in the past 4 days, both of which are my first try. Gentoo cost me 2 days to have a gnome desktop and ubuntu 9.04, both of gnome and kde installed, cost me half day today. Of course I love Debian best, but I have to say that both of them are very good.
Gentoo is great in installing and customizing packages. The info displayed during installation is very intuitive that if a failure happened, you just check the build log it generated, and most of the time you can solve it by manually installing packages with suggestions it provides, such as adding additional USE flag. Unlike Debian which use many package management softwares like dselect, apt-get, aptitude and dpkg , all having their advantages and disadvantages, in Gentoo there is only one and a great
one–ebuild. So you just need to learn as hard as you can about it, then you treat packages whatever you like.
As for ubuntu, it’s better than winXP IMO. Gnome + compiz are the coolest desktop appearance I’ve ever seen. And KDE is really beautiful and smart. Lots of widgets can be put on your desktop to make your life colorful.

I have to stop this syndrome since gsoc bonding period has already begun. I can’t waste my time to keep trying new distro any more though there is a lot fun:-) So opensuse, arch and foresight, I will not touch you in the near future but I’m watching you!


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