Weekly update

Well, there’s no progress on my gsoc project last week(since last Wednesday ). Roughly summarizing, I spent the first 2 days learning bash shell and some knowledge on administration under Linux. And the last 4 days installing Gentoo, ubuntu and upgrading Lenny to sid. The rest time contribute to my boss and my arm.
The reason I install Gentoo is that I want to get familiar with it since r0bertz has already run optimized Gentoo on Loongson. And I will install the optimized version of Gentoo on it as soon as I got the Gdium Liberty 1000 or Fuloong. I already registered in the OLPH group and ordered a new Gdium Liberty 1000 but no reply yet.
I had a small surgery on my left upper arm last Friday. It’s a “open drainage” operation which means cutting a bump and getting pus out of it. The time is just 3 minutes however, I feel like 3 years!! The anesthetic didn’t work at all I think because the damn doctor cut my arm as soon as he finish injecting the anesthetic, not waiting for it to take effect. So I spent the following three days whimperring and having intravenous injection.
Since I don’t want to try new distribution now and my arm become better, I plan to do these things next week :
1. Try qemu with Debian mipsel port and CLFS with qemu.
2. Keep learning mips ISA
3. Learning tools such autoconf, automake etc
4. How to maintain a port in Debian[1]



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