Soc-coordination Creating a N32 MIPS port for Debian,report, Week 4

Hi everyone,
Sorry for not showing up at weekend meeting. I hope you all enjoyed that:-). First let me summerize what I’ve been busy with in the last two weeks and the status of the project.
1. Make a self-build minimal linux system running on fuloong2f box.
2. Building binutils, gmp, mpfr under mipsel on fuloong2f. However, it turns out I use some wrong flags and option when building them
3. Learn zhangle’s(r0bertz) loongson overlay; Learn bash and vim. Learn stuff about automake, autoconf and libtool.
4. Play a little with Gdium Liberty 1000.
5. Applying visa: Make appointment with Spain Consulate on next Tuesday and asking Anto for invitation letter(still not received).

1. Last night is the most exiting time since I’ve been accepted in this year’s GSoC. I’ve finally built a N32 mipsel system and run it on my fuloong2f box! Last week, I’ve talked with zhangle(r0bertz) on how to create such a system. I could either directly build packages on debian-mips on fuloong(because I’ve installed multilib tool-chain on it) or build packages on a x86 maching using the clfs method. Later, I found this[0] which use the second method. This’s a very detailed guide and due to the fact that building packages on fuloong2f is relatively slow compared with my laptop, I choose the second method. The only drawback is this n32 system is not Debian and thus has no Debian specific features!

2. When I tried to build binutils on fuloong, an error "invalid asm constraint" happened. Fai point out several links to this problem and r0bertz gives me the patch in his loongson overlay. This overlay is, from my point of view, a collection of patches and scripts r0bertz has created when building gentoo on loongson. But I have little knowledge with gentoo and the patches in it have few instruction on when or why to use them, so I guess I’ll bother him a lot in future. 🙂

3.I’ve received a Gdium Liberty 1000 netbook[1] a week ago. It has a system based on mandriva running in it. I play aroud it a little until I failed to install the pppoe which I use to connect to my ISP. I plan to install debian on it when I have more time to kill. If you guys are interest in getting a developer’s version of this netbook you can visit[2].

4.The visa stuff is really A BIG HEADACHE for me. The Consulate finally agree to give me a interview on next Tuesday but Anto still haven’t emailed me the invitation letter. If I still haven’t received the letter by tommorrow, I’ll definetly impossible go to debconf9.

Plans next few weeks:
1. Make the N32 system "more debian".
2. Upload it to ??
3. Building more packages like X
4. Start writing documentation and prepare for mid-term evaluation


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One Response to “Soc-coordination Creating a N32 MIPS port for Debian,report, Week 4”

  1. Jimmy Kaplowitz, DebConf Team Member Says:

    Hi Sha,

    I’ve asked around, and apparently the person who is handling visa stuff for DebConf9 is away for the weekend, but if you mail him again (visa@debconf dot org), he will reply tomorrow (Monday). Feel free to email or ask a question in #debconf-team on OFTC/ if you need further assistance.

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