Debconf9@Cáceres, Spain

Debconf9 is over for more than one week but th
I’m very lucky to get full sponsorship from Debian and Google for Debconf9, which was held from July 23rd to July 30. Although my preparation for this task was full of frustration and time&cost-consuming events with local Consulate, I still made it in the end. I want to thank many people for supporting me all the time, including but not limited to Arthur, Steve, Anto and of course my Mom.
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The Debconf was great. There were many lectures and BOFs everyday. Actually, you couldn’t listen to them all because many of them were started simultaneously at different room. But thanks to the video team, I can watch the stream of a event while stayed at different room listening to another lecture etc.Of course, my favorite were those lectures about emdebian stuff because that’s closely related to my project. I benefited a lot from attending these BOFs or lectures which gave me much more knowledge than I can digest. Also, I found my poor English listening improved. 🙂 I gave a 3min talk on my project, too. It was very short but still attract several peoples attention to try to help me. 😀

Besides these talks, we had day trips, parties and talks over meals which were all for knowing each other and having fun at making friends. What’s more, I made many friends by playing table-tenis with them. One of them is Francisco. I spent my last two days in Madrid, living at his apartment. He showed me around at Madrid and we got home the day before I left so late that I overslept the next day and missed the flight. Luckily I had him helping me ask around in the airport and finally got a ticket home.We both agreed that never sleep late if there’s flight tomorrow. 😛

Debconf is over more than a week now and I began to miss the life there:-)


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