create a mips 3 port for Debian : update 20091025

I wrote a final report for this project before the end of GSoC. Now I’ve uploaded it to alioth. One can use the instructions in the last part of this report to re-build the system I had now. Also, I decide to upload the whole tar ball of this system to somewhere online. Since it is more than 600M, I’m not sure it’s ok or feasible to upload it to alioth too.

I didn’t touch this project since the end of gsoc. The report I mentioned above list everything I’d done before. To give a whole picture here, what I’d done is:
*A mips3 clfs system working a Gdium and fuloong 2F.

*Some build-essential packages of Debian built and installed on such a system

What I need to do is :
1. Build all the build-essential packages of Debian and then using debootstrap(this may need further confirm from other experienced developers) to install it on fuloong or Gdium.

2. Build an apt repository to hold these .deb packages to enable the apt-get access from the debootstrap system.
3. Providing benchmark to measure performance of the old mips port of debian and the new system

I have a internship and some lab work now. Basically, I only have spare time at Saturday and Sunday. I think many developers of free/open source project have the same situation with me and they have done so many great jobs. However, since I had underestimated the difficulty of my project in the past, I decided to make a "loose" for now so that I could finish it little by little. So my plan is:
* December 31st, 2009 : before this time, I’ll finish the first target of todo list with quality.
* March 31st, 2010 : second target
* May 31st, 2010 : last
I agree with the point that free/open source projects have no end. So the process contains continuous improving. The plan is just a rough picture I can gave to others.

This is the first update since the final evaluation of my gsoc project this year. Unfortunately, I failed at last. I’ll keep my promise to finish this project. Plus, this project is not only mine; many people and communities hold high expectation from it and they really show their care by generously helping me with all kinds of support. So comparing to this, I really can’t stop working on this project simply becauseof my personal emotion stuff.


5 Responses to “create a mips 3 port for Debian : update 20091025”

  1. Asheesh Laroia Says:

    This is exciting news! If you need somewhere to host the 600MB file, don’t hesitate to ask me.

  2. mirabilos Says:

    Look at and take note of the directory structure.
    (You need to apt-get install mksh to run it, of course.)
    That will get you an apt-gettable repository with ease, including
    the nice debidx.htm table ☺

  3. Daniel Clark Says:

    Hmm, I can’t find any mipsel .debs at so I guess I misunderstood that post. So please contact me so I can help you get your stuff up 🙂

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