Chrome on Debian

I just installed google chrome on Debian. It’s really awesome that I can’t believe my eyes at first! I found that most sites I visited usually are well displayed in the layout. And the fonts in it are much better than in my iceweasel. From the screenshots down below, I can say that no one could tell I’m using Debian instead of Windows xp! Although the linux version of Chrome has been released for a while, I told myself that iceweasel is good enough with my collection of add-ons and Chrome is just another beautiful and fancy browser which doesn’t have much more practical value in everyday use. Now I found I’m WRONG! Except the "speed boom" on openning and loading web page, the fine layout and its simplicity is really fascinating! I really recommend it to others who still have doubt in Chrome. At least, it offers another good choice of browser to you. If you’re interested, you can download it here and installed it with "dpkg -i google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb". And voila, you can now enjoy it!
my chrome screenshot 1

my chrome screenshot 2

my firefox screenshot


18 Responses to “Chrome on Debian”

  1. Franklin Piat Says:

    Security updates???

    For $deity sake, do not manually install packages after downloading the .deb file.

    This is completely insecure.



  2. Tobias Says:

    In this case, it’s not.

    Google Chrome drops a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ to update itself.

    But why use Chrome when there are other good, free, WebKit-based browsers (Midori)?

  3. Timo Juhani Lindfors Says:

    Is this free software? Are the fonts free? I only get a long EULA to accept if I click that link.

  4. bhappy Says:

    I prefer using Chromium instead:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Go figure: the fonts and rendering in Iceweasel look better to me, both on my system and in your screenshots.

  6. Mike Says:

    I really dig Chrome, but I can’t seem to get adblocking to work on Linux (which, as a FF/Opera user, is a requirement.) Anybody have any success with that?

  7. count0 Says:

    you could use something like privoxy …

  8. Chrome on Debian | - Your one stop for news about Debian Says:

    […] my eyes at first! I found that most sites I visited usually are well displayed in the layout. More here And the fonts in it are much better than in my iceweasel. From the screenshots down below, I can […]

  9. Oren Says:

    Cool, seems like there’s also an amd64 version already:

    What about chromium?

  10. nate Says:

    I’ve been using the Ubuntu PPA Chromium on Debian for a while now and it works just fine.

    But why use Chrome when there are other good, free, WebKit-based browsers (Midori)

    I usually prefer Epiphany to Firefox. Midori is ‘ok’ but Epiphany Chrome is much more mature. The advantage that Chrome has is that it’s UI is better and that it uses separate processes per tab. This is a huge advantage and it is the way things should of been done since the beginning.

    It is amazing how much better (but not really surprising) the Linux kernel developers are at multitasking then web browser.

    If Epiphany was to follow Chrome’s multi-process example I would probably go back to using it… but if I was the Epiphany developers I would seriously consider abandoning Epiphany all together and work on taking Chromium and adding extensions to it to more closely integrate it into Gnome. Make it support things like GVFS better and other nice touches that will make it a more natural match as Gnome’s default browser.

    That sort of thing. The thing that Epiphany and Chromium suffers the most from when compared to Firefox is that they lack the extensive extensions to Firefox. These extensions are what easily makes Firefox a superior browser… but Firefox is not a good match for Gnome. People have been shipping Firefox + Gnome combination for years now, but the match is not a particularly smooth one.

  11. nate Says:


    I ment “Epiphany Webkit’, not ‘Epiphany Chrome’

  12. craigevil Says:

    Sorry I have found it to be the opposite. chrome is slower than Iceweasel/Firefox. Firefox fonts look better, plus Firefox has a million and one extensions to choose from. Chrome will remain a toy just like opera. Installed :google-chrome-unstable , Firefox 3.5.5, Installed: opera Installed: 10.10.4566.gcc4.qt4

    • sandyleo26 Says:

      Yes, me too. After a few exciting hours chrome bring to me, I found that my favorite on-line stream web-site “” can’t be loaded properly. However, firefox do it very well. Now I use chrome to visit some “simple” websites and when it disappoint me, I’ll try my luck on FF. 🙂

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