Test blogging from w.bloggar v4.03 portable build

I just download this tool here. After finishing a really simple setup wizard, which includes choosing your blog service provider, filling in your username&passwd info, I’m now writing my first blog with this tool.

Before I download and begin to use it, I knew from reviews that this is NOT a WYSIWYG tool. I really doubt it that it could be useful for a person like me who have nearly no HTML knowledge. But so many reviews mention this tool and all give it high options that I decide to give it a try.

screenshot of Editor Tab

The tool looks pretty neat, isn’t it? It’s simple for me to use any buttons without guessing what they will do. And you can see that there’s Preview tab, in which you can check the real layout when published.

screenshot of Preview Tab

The preview tab(it seems the first picture is not uploaded successfully?)

In all, I begin to love this editor even this is my first time using it! It’s simple yet completely enough for users like me. And with this editing HTML directly, I can even learn a little bit about its syntax. Don’t mention all the merits an offline desktop editor can provide.

Now, I’ll try the last and most important function — Publish! See you on my blog!


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