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Finally Installed Lenny on Fuloong 2f mini

May 13, 2009

    I spent last two days searching and trying installation approach of debian on Fuloong mini. And just now I succeeded booting into the new shinning debian, which is extracted from a gzipped tar ball in on a new partition.
    I’ve thought about other installation methods too. First, I tried to installed the system from a external cd-rom(The thinkpad DVD-RW Slim Poirtable Optical Drive). But after I press DEL and prompted with PMON>, the system kind of died there, not respond to any keyboard stroke.
    Then I tried to install from hard drive using the same ISO image downloaded from debian website(about 650MB). Because I saw there’re hd-media directory [1] figuring this will work like installation on x86 platform. However, after issued initrd, load and  g console=tty root=/dev/hda5, the machine died there and I have to hard reset the box.
    Finally, I decide to turn to the easiest installation method, downloading a pre-installed system and extracting it to a empty partition. The first gzipped tar ball I used is from [2]. But it encountered the same problem above, which means the system can’t boot after initrd and loading kernel. Probably because this tar ball is just for Yeeloong? Then I download the bzipped tar ball I use now and finally boot into the system. It’s really excited to see the familiar debian wall paper!!
    Why don’t I use the net installation described here[3]? That’s because I have to use PPPoE to connect to the ftp/http site, which is not supported in net installation. That’s why I want to include the full CD image of debian in installation described above becaued it is said on the debian installaion guide that only this image can boot the installed with pppoe support.
    And there is another thing to mention. It seems I have badblocks in one of the partition of fuloong mini. When I format a newly allocated 8G partion to hold the debian system, I encounterd the message:

ide: failed opcode was: unknown
end_request: I/O error, dev hda, sector blablabla
hda: task_in_intr: status=0x59 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest Error }
hda: task_in_intr: error=0x01 { AddrMarkNotFound }, LBAsect=blablabla, sector=blablabla

The message repeated so many times that I have to cancel the process and allocate a new empty partition just after this one. I think I should contact Liu Qi about this problem and hopefully the bad block won’t grow.

Next, I’ll  prepare the systme to build the loongson optimized system.



Test Post by Email

May 13, 2009

The connection to my blog at wordpress is really slow. Hope this can help me a little bit.

Weekly update

April 23, 2009

Well, there’s no progress on my gsoc project last week(since last Wednesday ). Roughly summarizing, I spent the first 2 days learning bash shell and some knowledge on administration under Linux. And the last 4 days installing Gentoo, ubuntu and upgrading Lenny to sid. The rest time contribute to my boss and my arm.
The reason I install Gentoo is that I want to get familiar with it since r0bertz has already run optimized Gentoo on Loongson. And I will install the optimized version of Gentoo on it as soon as I got the Gdium Liberty 1000 or Fuloong. I already registered in the OLPH group and ordered a new Gdium Liberty 1000 but no reply yet.
I had a small surgery on my left upper arm last Friday. It’s a “open drainage” operation which means cutting a bump and getting pus out of it. The time is just 3 minutes however, I feel like 3 years!! The anesthetic didn’t work at all I think because the damn doctor cut my arm as soon as he finish injecting the anesthetic, not waiting for it to take effect. So I spent the following three days whimperring and having intravenous injection.
Since I don’t want to try new distribution now and my arm become better, I plan to do these things next week :
1. Try qemu with Debian mipsel port and CLFS with qemu.
2. Keep learning mips ISA
3. Learning tools such autoconf, automake etc
4. How to maintain a port in Debian[1]


Distribution Syndrome

April 23, 2009

I’m not sure if I have this “Distribution Syndrome” these days.
But I installed gentoo, ubuntu in my lap-top in the past 4 days, both of which are my first try. Gentoo cost me 2 days to have a gnome desktop and ubuntu 9.04, both of gnome and kde installed, cost me half day today. Of course I love Debian best, but I have to say that both of them are very good.
Gentoo is great in installing and customizing packages. The info displayed during installation is very intuitive that if a failure happened, you just check the build log it generated, and most of the time you can solve it by manually installing packages with suggestions it provides, such as adding additional USE flag. Unlike Debian which use many package management softwares like dselect, apt-get, aptitude and dpkg , all having their advantages and disadvantages, in Gentoo there is only one and a great
one–ebuild. So you just need to learn as hard as you can about it, then you treat packages whatever you like.
As for ubuntu, it’s better than winXP IMO. Gnome + compiz are the coolest desktop appearance I’ve ever seen. And KDE is really beautiful and smart. Lots of widgets can be put on your desktop to make your life colorful.

I have to stop this syndrome since gsoc bonding period has already begun. I can’t waste my time to keep trying new distro any more though there is a lot fun:-) So opensuse, arch and foresight, I will not touch you in the near future but I’m watching you!

Hello world!

April 2, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!